RO 13 (E)


  • Automatic RO Control Panel
  • Complete RO Logic Pre-Programmed
  • 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD with mimic diagram & 15 LED for front stickers
  • 4 Dome key based easy programming for more than 20 parameters
  • Electrical Safety for Raw Water Pump/High Pressure Pump/Product Tank against Electronic Overload, Remote Sensing Dryrun, Short Circuit, High/Low Voltage
  • High/Low Voltage Protection
  • Auto Flushing Facility
  • Inbuilt Conductivity Sensor
  • Facility to Connect 2 Float Switches/ 2 Flow Sensor
  • Provision to Connect Automatic Multiport Valve
  • Power On Timer
  • Display for Total Plant Run Hours
  • SMPS based Long Life Power Supply
  • Auto Fault Detection Facility
  • Modular Panel Design
  • Microcontroller based Digital Product with High Reliability & Long Life

Technical Specifications


  • RO Star Delta Panel
  • RO DOL Panel


  • RO Plant Automation
  • Industrial
  • Waste & Water Treatment Plant
  • Domestic
  • Desalination Plant
  • Purification Plant


1. System Settings
Input Voltage (AC)250-470VAC, 50 Hz
On voltage (cold start)
Off voltage

2. Output Relay Contact 1-CO, 5A/250vAC
GSM NetworkBy SIM
Pump Current setting Scale2-99 Amp, From CT

3. Protection Setting
Parameter Setting Range Default settingTrip Time DelayDisplayLED
Overload20% to 60%140%15 secOLYES
Dryrun60% to 95%75%15 secDRNYES
High voltage450V to 500V480VFixedHIUYES
Low voltage180V to 350V250VFixedLOUYES
Current Unbalance20 to 70%50%FixedCUBYES
Extreme High Current180%EHC

4. Timers
ParameterSetting RangeDefault settingDisplayLED
Power on Timer3sec to 300sec60 sec +/-3secPONTYES
Star Delta Timer3sec to 30seclOsec +/-2secOFFYES
Motor On Timer(one time)5 to 720 minOFFDRATYES
Dryrun Auto Start Timer5 to 720 min
Repeat Run Timer5 to 999 min
MTC Timer with Compensation
Cyclic Timer24hours

5. Monitoring
Digital Voltmeter (Calibrated)
Digital Ammeter (Calibrated)


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