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Features & Protections
Electronic starter
Electronic overload.
Remote sensing dry run / No load current.
Starting capacitor cut off timer ( CCT ).
Extreme high current (EHC) or short circuit more than 24 amps.
Graded internal setting for overload tripping as per current range.
Starting winding protection during pump running.
High voltage
Low voltage
Fully automatic two tank water level controller.
Starting winding protection during pump running.
Microcontroller based digital product with high reliability and long life.

World class MCU and software which is highly fault tolerant to noise and Electro magnetic interferences and noise from motor, starter etc.
Produced in ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.
Control Settings
Pump current setting is easy, accurate, auto setting type, with digital display.

Pump current setting range is 1-16 amps.
Dry run setting from 75 to 95 % in increment of 1 % amps.

Dry run bypass facility with digital display.
Site selectable Auto / Manual operation switch for panel.

Site selectable Auto / bypass operation switch for level controller.
Calibrated Digital Voltmeter with 100 to 300 volt ± 2 volt. Accuracy.

Calibrated Digital Ammeter 0.5 to 26 amps ± 0.2 amps Accuracy.
Digital display for fault ampere at tripping.
In built memory to show last setting value.
On site AUTO FAULT DETECT (AFT) for AC voltage, LEDS, Display, Relay, etc.

Site settable Dry run auto start timer from 10 to 720 minutes with timer OFF facility.

Digital display for countdown timer (Model KDP 99).
On delay timer of 1 minute for auto start at power failure in auto mode.
Time delay to filter power on spikes and surges.

In built time compensation due to power failure during dry run auto start timer i.e. timer will start from same time once power returns.
Capacitor cut off timer to protect starting capacitor.
Additional Features
Starting (1) and running capacitors (2) as per pump requirements.

Water level control is universal ie can be connected to float / magnetic switch or metal sensors.
Site selectable auto / manual operation facility.
Widest working voltage range from 140 to 300 volts.
Specially made heavy duty air sealed 40 amps dc coil contactor for long life.
Color coded ISI grade copper wiring with lugs for longer life.
Modular design very easy to install and site servicing.
Emergency bypass for water level controller.
Indications & Displays
Auto scrolling display for updated pump current and line voltage.
Ultra bright indicators for all faults.
Early fault warnings by blinking LED.
Value of tripping current / voltage.
Setting / pump on.
Dry run.
Short Circuit.
High voltage.
Dry run auto start timer .
Upper tank full.
Lower tank empty.
Enclosures & Mountings
Compact, vermin proof, rust proof, powder coated mild steel panel box.
Size :
Weight :
Mounting : wall.
Starting (1) and running capacitors (2) as per pump requirements.
100 / 125 + 25 MFD 0.75 / 1 H.P.
120 / 150 + 36 MFD 1.0 H.P.
120 / 150 + 36 + 20 MFD 1.5 H.P.
120 / 150 + 36 + 36 MFD 2.0 H.P.
150 / 200 + 36 + 36 MFD 2.0 H.P.
250 / 200 + 36 + 36 MFD 2.0 / 3.0 H.P.
Model Options
Model - KDP 22 DS.

Model - KDP 22 Password.
With first of its kind Panel with password operated trip current setting for overload and dry running protection.
Model - KDP 99 WLC + DRA.

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