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Khyatee GSM Wireless

The "KHYATEE GSM WIRELESS MOTOR MANGEMENT" is intelligent and flexible motor management system. It offers comprehensive motor management including extensive protection, monitoring and control functions. With easy to use operation and on-site diagnostic data helps us to carry out predictive maintenance and GSM Technology based operations.

This has Dual core microcontroller and GSM SIM based technology which is unique, reliable, and cost effective and continues to monitors all parameter and applications simultaneously at all the time and there is no delay in any fault condition detection, monitoring and providing safety.
Mobile Phone and SIM Based Operations

This product is very unique as you can three modes to operate .

1. Use switches given on the unit
2. Dial the GSM SIM card inserted in the unit and use voice interactive service.
3. By sending SMS to unit to do /set all the parameters.

Khyatee M4 DISPLAY SIM uses activated SIM card from any GSM service provider which communicate with server or any mobile phone. For example system is installed and connected to motor than it continuously monitors/ protects every activity of motor at site and sends all data to the web server / website or any mobile phone by SMS on real time basis.


This has VOLTAGE SENSING technology so motor is protected up to STARTER terminals.

Phase failure / loss from supply side.

Phase reversal / wrong phase sequence from supply side.
Phase to phase voltage unbalance.
Electronic overload ( site selectable).
Remote sensing dry run / No load current ( site selectable).
Extreme high current (EHC) or short circuit more than 24 amps.
Control Settings

PUMP CURRENT SETTING is easy, accurate, auto setting type, with digital display.

Pump current setting can be done through SMS, Mobile phone & onsite.
Overload is site selectable from 20 to 50 % of set current.

Dry run setting from 75 to 95 %.
Dry run bypass facility by SMS / PHONE.

Site selectable Auto / Manual operation switch.
Calibrated Digital Voltmeter with ± 2V Accuracy. ( Data by SMS ).

Calibrated Digital Ammeter ± 0.2Amp Accuracy. ( Data by SMS )
Display Shows the all settable range and trip current value of set parameter online.

Digital display for fault value at tripping. ( Data by SMS only).
Inbuilt memory to show last setting value ( Data by SMS only )

On site AUTO FAULT DETECT (AFT) for AC voltage, LEDS, Display, Relay, etc.
Site settable auto start timer for power failure (3-300 secs) and SPP faults from supply side.

Site settable star delta timer (3-30 secs.).
Time delay to filter power on spikes and surges.
Additional Features
Suitable for DOL, Star-Delta Starters.

4 Digit Password protected operation.
Talks verbal information in required language.

Works on wide voltage supply (225 to 500 V).

Facility to check network communication between GSM SIM and dialer phone.

No call charges when power is absent.

Auto call disconnect facility to save call charges.

Motor ON and OFF switch on unit.

Switch for Easy bypass and network checking.
Indications & Displays
Early fault warnings by blinking LED.
Value of tripping current / voltage By SMS.
Pump ON.
Dry run.
SMS Facility

Most unique facility of this product is all following many things can be done or much information can be received by SMS…to 4 predefined mobile phone numbers in the unit. To register the data recipients number just send SMS to unit and now you can do all following things ……

Send SMS

To add 4 phone number of data recipient.
To delete phone number of data recipient.
To switch on the motor.
To switch off the motor.
To reset the fault.
To activate the SMS facility.
To deactivate the SMS facility.
Get GSM network strength report by SMS .
Detail status report will tell you actual site condition and 8 parameters.
To get SMS list of registered recipients phone number.
To change the 4 digit password.
TTo enable password protection, Ask password when we call the unit.
To disable password protection, don't ask password when we call the unit.
To set pump current by SMS.
To set overload current percentage from 15% to 50%.
To set dry run percentage from 60% to 95%.
To bypass the dry run.
To set current unbalance percentage from 20% to 70%.
To bypass current unbalance.
To set star delta timer from 3 to 30 seconds.
Select the auto OFF facility by phone.
Get phone number which called the unit.
Get new number if SIM card changed (SIM TRACKER).
Web Based Data Reports ( Optional )

Again we can provide all motor related data and variety of reports on web. Few of them are listed below.

To get total motor on time report.
To get total motor off time report.
To get total motor power fails time report.
To get total motor off due to fault report.
To get detail fault report with time.
To get motor theft protection at site.
To get motor disconnection report.
Enclosures & Mountings
Compact, vermin proof, rust proof engineering plastic box.
Size : 220 x 155 x 70 mm
Weight : 785 gm (approx).
Mounting : wall.

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