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Khyatee Mobile Starter

Khyatee Mobile Starter is specially made for farmers with latest microcontroller based software technology to make them 100 % free from daily pain and stress to start and stop motor several times a day.

Software continuously monitors power and motor condition at site and talks to you on phone with all information. It works 24 hours, 365 days a year without fail on your instructions.

Unit has unique facilities like inbuilt Star Delta Timer, Auto Start Timer for power failure, Universal Mobile Battery Charger, 3.5 mm Head Phone Pin for Nokia 1280 phone or equivalent.

...Now you can start and stop motor from home or anywhere by using any land line or mobile phone in just 20 paise.

Once you dial Khyatee Mobile Starter, Software will check motor and power condition, implement your instructions at site and talks with you online.

Motor is ON or OFF?
Power is present etc.
Your motor has started/stopped.
Motor has become OFF due to other reasons please check.
Switch is in Auto.
Universal Mobile Battery Charger with Pin & Wire.

Working voltage range 200 to 500 volts for three phase.
Talks all information verbally in local language.
Star Delta Timer with indication.
One minute timer for Automatic start on Power failure.
Connection Suitable for DOL, Star-Delta Starters and Panels.

No call charges when power is absent at site.
Easy Wiring, Fitting & Long Life.
Due to Software No Battery Needed.
Indications for power, pump ON bypass, timer, network check.
Switch for Auto / Manual / Bypass.
Colour Wires from unit for easy connection.

Models suits for GSM Phones.

Single phase model available on order.
Start / Stop motor up to 500 HP.

Get power status report on phone.
Siren ON/OFF in disaster situation.

Street/Hoarding light ON/OFF.
Any domestic and industrial equipment/generator ON/OFF.

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