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How it Works

Khyatee infusion monitor is microcontroller based software unit which Simple to set up and operate, uses a combination of fiber optics and electronics to monitor each individual drop of fluid leaving the giving set of an intravenous drip. On real time basis and provides us with all information on display and indication along with audio visual alarm for set parameters.

Because the flow of gravity-fed drips can be affected by a number of factors, it is imperative that they are checked regularly. This takes nursing staff away from their other important tasks and interrupts the efficient running of the ward.

Khyatee infusion monitor tremendously reduces workload on our nursing staff so they can give more time directly to patient care. It digitally monitors drops for any stoppage, any high and low deviation, completion of total or pre set volume etc. and makes nurses, patients and their family members 100 % free from anxiety & continuously watching infusion for any problems.

Today's medical world has become more and more technology driven and khyatee digital infusion is most needed unit, for every day patient care in big and small hospitals, primary health centers, day care centers, general practiceioner, ambulances etc.


Enhancing Safety

Khyatee infusion monitor is a precision instrument which monitors gravity-fed drip infusions. It makes a significant contribution to the safety of patients who are receiving treatment by intravenous drip.

Infusion set selection

Select adult or micro infusion set ( pediatric) before you start infusion.

Accurately monitors flow rate

Khyatee infusion monitor registers every drop of fluid and constantly recalculates and displays the flow rate in drops per minute.

Audible, visual and bag light alarms

If the flow rate deviates from a specified range, ward staff are alerted quickly with both audible and visual alarms. During the night, a bag light alarm can be used to silently alert staff.

Displays volume infused

Khyatee infusion monitor allows staff to see at a glance how much fluid has been infused.

Volume to be infused can be set

Accurate measurements of drugs and liquids can be delivered safely as prescribed with staff alerted once the specified quantity has been infused.

Customized settings

Start infusion with pre defined total and pre set volume so no need for setting every time.

Scroll on-off

Use scroll on –off facility to monitor any parameter continuously.

Auto continuation

Facility to infuse balance volume once pre set volume is over by pressing single button.

Online change drop rate
You can change drop rate anytime online with reference to infusion time.

Compatible with blood, saline and drugs

Khyatee infusion monitor safely monitors the intravenous delivery of all kinds of fluids including chemotherapy treatment.

Battery status

Online indication and display for battery charge percentage so you will never be without power...during infusion, also alerts for low battery.

No physical contact with fluid
Khyatee infusion monitor monitors the flow rate of intravenous drips, but it does not come into contact with the fluid. This means that risks of contamination or extravasations are minimized.

No trailing cables

Khyatee infusion monitor is powered by a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge. No mains cable means one less hazard on a busy ward.

Works on multiple input supply

Unit can run on inbuilt rechargeable battery for 30 hrs, or mains supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz, or 1w 12 volt solar panel, or any 12 volt external battery.

All data is logged when hold facility used

Khyatee infusion monitor keeps accurate records of all infusion activity when infusion is put on hold for any reason like x-ray etc and restarts from same point again even if unit is switched off....


Khyatee infusion monitor is made with state of art microcontroller based software technology and has been rigorously tested and is approved for use in healthcare environments.

Reducing Costs

Khyatee infusion monitor is an extremely cost effective means of monitoring drips. Lightweight and portable, it is a flexible solution that effectively frees up nursing time.

Low purchase cost

Compared to other means of monitoring drips, Khyatee infusion monitor is both affordable and versatile.

Works with all giving sets

Khyatee infusion monitor has auto locking type universal drop rate sensor operates with all kinds of giving sets without the use of special adaptors or other extra hardware.

Reduces nurse monitoring

Nurses' time is freed up dramatically when using Khyatee infusion monitor, as the device constantly monitors drip rates allowing staff to concentrate on other vital tasks. If there is a problem, staffs are alerted. Otherwise, they can get on with their jobs.

Universal mounting

Khyatee infusion monitor's universal mounting means that equipment can be standardized across the hospital or institution with the unit easily switched from one treatment to another. It can also be wall mounted if required. It is very easy to set and use equipment for medical / paramedical staff and nursing staff in particular.

  Parameter Default setting Setting range Alarm Indication
Total volume 520ml 10-1999 ml Yes Yes
Preset volume 520ml 10-1999 ml Yes Yes
Volume given Online Online ---- Yes
Balance volume OFF OFF- 99 ml Yes Yes
Drop rate ok Online Manually ---- Yes
Drop rate high 50% of set 10-99% Yes Yes
Drop rate low 50% of set 10-99% Yes Yes
No drop Online Online Yes Yes
Infusion time Online As per drop rate Yes Yes
Adult infusion calib. 15 drops / ml 10 to 25 / ml ---- Yes
Micro infusion calib. 55 drops /ml 50 to 70 /ml ---- Yes
Hold facility By hold switch ---- ---- Yes
Inf. by old setting By restart switch ---- ---- Yes
Inf. by default setting By new switch ---- ---- Yes
Auto continuation
After pre set volume
By restart switch ---- ---- Yes
Low battery By software ---- Yes Yes
Battery charge status Online ---- ---- Yes
Buzzer function On On or silent ---- Yes
Drop rate change Accept switch Manually ---- Yes
Mute delay 60 seconds To silent press accept ---- As per fault
Number of drops given Press hold at
Total volume
---- ---- Yes
Battery recharge Time 6 hours maximum ---- ---- Yes
Operation time 30 hours plus
on full charge
---- ---- ----
Measurement range - 10 to 900 L/h.
Error setting - 10% to 90% in steps of 10%.
Alarm delay - 10 to 90 seconds delay in steps of 10 seconds.
Mute delay - 3 minutes.
Pre-set volume to infuse - 1 to 9999ml in steps of 1ml.
Total measurement - 9999ml manually re-set.
Operation time - 3 to 5 days continuous on full charge.
Recharge time - 5 hours maximum.
Time - Displayed continually during use.

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